The course will cover major aspects of Administrative Law with an emphasis on the basic area, concerns of administrative law, and the structure of administrative agencies.   Other topics include: Agency discretion, rules and regulations, investigations, informal, formal proceedings, and judicial review. Students will also learn about the various administrative law positions for paralegals in the private sector and with the government. 

This course incorporates a comprehensive presentation of substantive tort law designed for the paralegal student with a study of typical procedural components in personal injury cases. These areas are explored from the perspective of actual and hypothetical cases, emphasizing the paralegal’s participation from initial investigation through trial preparation and settlement.

This course is designed to offer an in-depth view of the civil litigation process from both the California and federal viewpoints.  The class focuses on the role of the paralegal in civil litigation, the observance of the civil procedure process, the evidentiary requirements, and the practical application for paralegal participation in the case process through post-trial procedures.